PH Pendant Lamp – A Design Classic

PH Pendant Lamp in Scandi Kitchen

Incorporated into our Scandinavian inspired kitchen, the PH Pendant Lamp is a very clever design classic.

Designed in 1926 by Poul Henningsen, the PH pendant lamp is a marvel to behold. The lamp provides 100% glare-free light which is brilliant for creating a cosy feature in your home. It’s designed to reflect off a three-shading system, which directs the majority of the light downwards whilst also reflecting the light laterally. This allows the lamp to illuminate itself with a warm light created by its inside red cone and small purple-blue reflectors.

Family Life in the Kitchen

Family quirky kitchen design Hampshire

Like many people, the kitchen has always been the heart of my family’s home. It has always been a warm and bustling room where everyone ends up congregating, but one that was impossible to move around easily; too many people and too many things in what was essentially a corridor of parallel worktops. My parents love to host, but we never had enough space to easily lay everything out for dinner parties. With five family members in the house it was a struggle to move around the cramped space, as everyone tried to stand around in the kitchen and chat. It didn’t matter that there clearly wasn’t room for us, there was never a way to keep people out of the kitchen. I have fond memories of the ritual of the Sunday roast, which always became a balancing act of plates on toasters and tureens of vegetables teetering precariously on the edge of the cooker, as we tried to find the space to dish up. It was our patented brand of organised chaos, and one that I looked back on affectionately when I moved out.

Things have changed a bit since they decided to redo the kitchen. The new floors and skylights look brilliant, but the most tangible difference is the change in layout. The worktops are rearranged now, so instead of bumping into each other and balancing plates we have space to walk around in and surfaces to lay things out. A host of new drawers and cupboards means we finally have the ability to organise things: sauces, pastas, cookbooks, spices, the list goes on. There’s a section for everything now, and honestly that takes some getting used to! It’s surprisingly difficult to shake the habit of randomly opening drawers trying to remember where you put the tin opener. Guests can sit at the end of the room and have a glass of wine rather than perching on the edges of counters, and there’s even an area for the dog (not that anything will stop her getting under everybody’s feet).

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Whenever I come back to visit my parents I enjoy the new room. It’s still the same friendly place, but now there’s room to relax in it. It’s a lot easier to tidy things away when you actually have the space to put them, the huge cupboards keep everything out of the way and keep the surfaces clear. The inevitable groups of family and friends have a place to sit too, even if they’ll probably still stand in the way whilst you’re trying to get through with a heavy roasting dish. No matter how much you try, it’s impossible to keep people away from the kitchen.

Dualit Toaster – A Design Classic

Dualit Toaster in Bespoke Kitchen Design

The Dualit toaster has become a kitchen must-have with their classic, understated design and strong reputation for durability.

Max Gort-Baren, a German-born entrepreneur, founded the company. He designed a six-slice toaster with a built-in timer in 1952. This was the first like it on the market. Dualit then grew steadily over the next 20 years – adding to their range and working on improvements and alterations. In the ‘80s, the Dualit toaster became the must-have kitchen appliance and this resulted in the company having to extend their factory twice over. Dualit now offer a wide range of kitchen appliances and continue to sell consistently today.

The retro look of the toaster adds a really friendly touch to the kitchen space. It can be bought in a variety of sizes and colours – from neutral tones to chilli pink and lime green. They’ve also experimented with copper finishes that are on-trend and extremely stylish. The versatility of the product means it can be incorporated into a colour scheme or used to make a distinctive statement.

Dualit Toaster

Kitchen Storage Space and the Rise of Larders

Storage Space Larder in Anthony Edwards Kitchen

Finding storage space for the multitude of items found in a kitchen can be extremely difficult. Not only does there need to be substantial room for food but there also needs to be somewhere for the cutlery, appliances and any other things that may have found their way into the kitchen over time. A kitchen has become a space for living in with so many different dimensions. With clutter built up on surfaces, a room that is meant to be comfortable can quickly become somewhere you want to avoid.

More and more kitchen owners, however, are looking at interesting and quirky ways to present kitchen storage where it can still be firmly out of sight. Kitchen necessities don’t have to be an unwanted mess. They can be beautifully presented whilst still being accessible.

Many are choosing to install larders within the kitchen as a way to really effectively store numerous items in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Larders allow for simple organisation that doesn’t take up much space at all. They’re a form of storage that makes sense within the kitchen space.

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